Hobbs's Run

By hobbs

Moody Smoke in the Grose

Blackheath is sort of like something balanced precariously on a knife's edge. It sits on a narrow north-west/south-east ridge between two valleys - the Megalong and the Grose. This is one reason why finding space for a motorway style road gets difficult (see the entry before last). Anyway, despite recent rain, some bush fires have sprung up to the west, in the Kanimbla and Wolgan Valleys. As our winds predominately originate from that direction, we are especially drowned in smoke today.

To the south west, beyond the town itself, is simply white space (see the extra) while to the north east the view is partly obscured by the haze. The winds are slight and the local fire danger is only medium at present, but one must remain vigilant.

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