3000 Penguins

Well only five cute, cuddly penguins in this little family, but I think this will be my 3000th Blip entry. When I started I only intended to keep this up for 365 entries, but I seem to have got a bit carried away and didn't know how to stop.

These penguins have made a long journey from the southern seas near Antartica to somewhere in the north of the Northern hemisphere. The background may look remarkably like Lapland of a few days ago, but everything was photographed today.

These 3000 Blips have helped enhance my knowledge of how to use Photoshop, though knowledge and skill do not advance hand in hand.

Back in Aberdeenshire it has finally stopped raining. I was behind a truck today when it knocked off some branches overhanging the road. The branches hit the front of my car, and with much noise the car passed over them. They did get stuck under the car for a few moments. Hopefully no damage anywhere under the car. I suppose time will tell.

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