Reikes small life...

By Reike

Waking up in Ascona

Panoramic picture taken from the balcony in the morning. 

My meeting in the Ticino commenced until the late afternoon, then headed back to the office. Very rainy drive home and hectic packing for my trip to Edinburgh. 

Checking in online I realized that they had rebooked my return flight so that I would not fly back 3 days after arriving as originally booked, but fly back 25 min after landing in Edinburgh. WTF?

I called Customer Service and did some shouting. I apologized every three sentences for that as I do CS calls as well and know it's not her fault, but that I need to do some more shouting. She said it's a robot who rebooked the flight this way. Yeah, but why would Swiss-Air have such a stupid robot and who is doing the programming? Monkeys on typewriters?


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