without becoming pictures

By lani

At the best B&B in Massachusetts.

And then it snowed and snowed and snowed. Other photos from this trip include a cup of coffee and a few pages of a book, maybe 10 or 12 photos of llamas as we fed them slices of apples, and blinding, a couple of quaint little local wineries, a couple of photos of blinding snow, and then a series of photos of us getting stuck in the snow, having to stop at the first well-lit house we could find, being offered shelter for an hour until a tow truck could come, the wrong tow truck coming, and going back out into the storm on our own, unaided.

It's almost hard to imagine the night before, when I felt so unmistakably at peace, like none of the things that poke at me each day mattered, even existed anymore. I haven't felt that kind of peace since, but if i steady myself for just a moment or two, I can remember it with perfect clarity.

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