love light

By lrw

Helena & Bernice

A local photographer, Sohaib, got in touch a few weeks ago saying he'd love to spend some time in my studio learning a little of how I work. What makes me tick, I guess. I felt quite honoured and of course agreed. He arranged for a couple of models to come to my studio and the four of us explored many things. Some of what we did is very much like a lot of what I do but there are some things that are quite new. Sohaib had more than a few suggestions which I was only too eager to try out. They often worked very well.

Little bits of what we did today will slowly show up on my IG & Flickr accounts over the next while. This is just a small taste. I hope you like it.

In other news, the weather is supposed to turn decidedly unpleasant with a lot of snow on Sunday. 

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