By Arachne

Shed archaeology - grit

Once the canoe, the table tennis table, the lengths of plank and architrave, the gazebo, the coffee table I once made out of a wooden reel for electrical cable, the filing cabinet, the two wooden ladders, the two office side-tables, the six doors, the telephone table with a drawer for a notepad and pencil, the small cupboard and the twelve cork tiles had all been disposed of, variously to Freegle, a fellow-blipper, Oxfam, its rightful owner or to the Library of Things, there in the corner I found two large wooden boxes of grit. Would there be a gas stove in the bottom one? Anything was possible. Onto Freegle it went and so far (30 November), seven people have baled some into bags or buckets to use for plants or flood protection and one person has taken the badly distorted top box.

There's still a bit left, if you're interested.

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