By dogwithnobrain

Sleigh Bells Ring....

It's minus one celcius at 4.30 in the afternoon.     

My bottom is frozen from sitting on a wall  waiting for the moon to hit the sea and there's a little family sitting on the beach, digging holes in the twilight. 

Two men are standing by the water's edge, coffee in hand, putting the world to rights as the light disappears. 

I'm looking at all this peace and tranquility, a million miles away from the horrors of yesterday and I wonder, would I, could I be as brave as those souls who threw themselves into stopping that idiot yesterday.  

What courage.   What bravery.   What selflessnesss  - they didn't think a second about their own safety, they didnt' think about their families and friends - they looked at the innocence of people around them, and stood up for what is right and good. 

By ignoring the risks to their own lives, they have inspired a nation. - A nation which will not be dictated to by terror.  A nation which will turn round and not fight back, but disarm, and prevent, and halt. 

And a special thank you to the chef from the fish market, who, surrounded by knives as possible weapons, opted to remove a decorative whale horn from the wall and went for it with a vengence. 

I salute you sirs! 

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