Silly Saturday

I hope this doesn't frighten any arachnophobes! We saw this massive animatronic model in the crazy golf area next to Alnwick Garden. If blip showed videos you'd see it moving menacingly but at least I managed to catch it in the act of spraying water. It's definitely silly anyway.

The extra is Son#3 "lifting" the silly giant-size watering can next to the silly enormous garden tools, also near the entrance.

We're having a lovely weekend: Son#1 is visiting from Edinburgh and Son#3 (who lives in Newcastle anyway) is spending time with him - and us of course! (It's a shame that Son#2 couldn't also join us here this weekend, but at least we saw him 3 weeks ago when we visited Bath.) As you'll realise we had a day trip to Alnwick today. This included a prolonged visit to Barter Books (the fabulous 2nd hand bookstore in the old station building): naturally we couldn't resist buying some books even though our bookshelves are already overflowing onto the floor. Is that silly? - that's up to you. We should probably follow a policy of "one book in, two books out"!

Thanks as always to admirer for hosting Silly Saturday.

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