Hobbs's Run

By hobbs

Moody Tin

It was there ... sitting on the kitchen bench and the light was hitting it just so fetchingly and ... well .. you know how it is. 
This blip brings my November obsession with mono to a close ... for now. After overdosing on extravagant colour last month and enduring a remedial Spartan diet of black and white for THIS month I feel quite rehabilitated and ready to face a world of relative photographic sanity across December. Thank you to everyone who took an interest and especially to all of those who did some "moody monos" of your own.

In the next few days I shall post some links and draw your attention to ten moody monos that I especially liked. A special thank you to Skeena, whose powers of seemingly limitless invention and whose gift for the classic film noir feel inspired us all. There's just a possibility that more than one of my favourite selections will be from his journal.

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