Autumn colour beside the Fosse Way

Now we are more awake we decided to give our motorhome a run out to let the batteries be fully charged and spin some oil around the engine and transmission.  Thankfully - the solar panel had kept both batteries reasonably well charged and it started up without any drama.   I decided to blip this tree we saw on the way back - possibly the only autumnal colour for us this year?

We drove down to Stow on the Wold which gives the MH a reasonable run, and while we had a look around the shops and lunch a larger MH parked next to Lyra.  She is a Wildax Constellation so we went through the listing of Constellation names until we found one we both liked :-)
Lyra is the blue/grey one in the extra.
Now on our drive so we can sort out the cupboard contents and possibly get a day or two away before Christmas.

Thanks to everyone for your positive comments on our trip to New Zealand and my blips along the way.  We both still seem to be suffering with jet-lag but much better today.  Hopefully I'l get around to normality tomorrow.

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