Christmas crochet

I bought this wool last year, intending to crochet a shawl for last Christmas but got side tracked doing other things.  So, I am determined to have it finished in time to wear it for Christmas this year.

I was very happy to discover that the required hook size is a lovely coordinating shade of red - always very satisfying when the hook matches the yarn.

This is going to produce a somewhat random pattern as it is meant to be knitted up into socks when you’d get a more regimented stripy effect - but I’m hoping it will be nicely random rather than oddly random!

Sunday has flown by. After ringing and a few games of UNO (Leo and I didn’t win a single game so need to get some wins in next week), we dropped Ian off at the station as he is London bound again for a few days.  Then we headed out to Tivvy for a nice cuppa with mum and dad.

Then I watched a but if footie whilst finishing off one scarf so I could get started on this one!

And miracles of miracles, Leo started to tidy his bedroom!  I think it is because he wants a sleepover with friends in the holidays and I have refused to even countenance it until his room is ship shape.  It is still a bit of a mess but is looking far tidier than it has in an age.

My annoyance of the day was trying to wrestle the windscreen screen cover into the car to save me a de-icing job in the morning. It was rather windy and kept flapping about so I got my hair off with it. I almost gave up but then thought of my cold hands in the morning so I preserved. There had better be an impressive frost in the morning now!

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