Back and Forth thru time

By pingufivemins

It's After Dark

evening all,

This will mean nothing to anyone apart from me, and sometimes that the way it should be.

A flashback to a young boy, 12 yrs of age, boarding a bus to go from Manchester to Leeds, on his own , to go and see his first ever concert,

ACDC, Leeds Queens' Hall.

He got in so much trouble when he got back home because he'd told no one where he was going,  because he knew he wouldn't have been allowed to go,

but  boy was it worth it, and it changed his life forever.

From that point, a decision was made, to see every band he wanted to see, whenever and wherever he could.

Obviously that boy was me and so,

Over the next 40 years, this dream was fulfilled, scalps of all the bands collected, massive bands, garage bands, huge venues, huge crowds, tiny venues, tiny audiences, didn't matter, i was there, i did it, saw them all,

all apart from one,

missed them once in Denmark,missed them again in London about five years later,

then they disappeared for a bit, then i disappeared for a bit, and i did think that either they or i would pass out of existence before our paths ever crossed.

However, my 12 year old soul never gave up hope, and that hope was finally rewarded tonight.

There is no one else,

at all,

that i need to see now.

It's after dark now, and Disneyland is closed, the party is over, the night is here, so let's bring out a toast..

It's after dark now,

night all

Disneyland After Dark

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