Mono Monday - Secret Weapon

This has been a difficult challenge but eventually I spotted these two puff balls up high in a gum tree! Don’t ask me how they got up there but however they did it was because they were using the gum tree as their secret weapon so nothing could get them!! : o). It worked I think they must have been there since winter!! LoL! :o)

We’ve had a Hot Hot day and are heading for 40c tomorrow ugh which will be closely followed by a 38c and another 38c and then another 40c!!! OMG its going to be awful all the lows are in the 20’s eeek!! I’ll be sheltering indoors hugging the aircon for most of that!!

So sorry Blippers, I’m absolutely exhausted and the night has gotten away from me so I’m off to beddy byes! Catch up tomorrow nightxxx

Thanks for the love yesterday for the Ibis Inn ;o)xxxx

Big thanks to Carolina for hosting MM this month ;o)xxx

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