secret garden

By freespiral

A big day out

A bright and very frosty morning, the day looked good and a trip across the border to Kerry beckoned. Everywhere looked absolutely stunning and not a breath of wind so the sea glimmered mercury, the mountains loomed russet and the roads became so small and traffic so absent that at one moment we wondered if something had happened that we were blissfully unaware of!
We were on a well hunt and it was all most satisfactory but you'll have to wait until the blog is out to read about them! Let's just say: one well plus attendant holly tree, two ancient churches, a derelict hermitage, several cross slabs,  an extraordinary bullaun stone and two filled in wells (still there if you feel the vibes) were admired. A lot of sheep too. And the most incredible scenery. Sadly the fairy tree had been completely absorbed into woodland. The extra is the little quay at Kilmackilloge which was looking rather unearthly. The main pic is a seriously gob-smacking view as you head back into County Cork, Glanmore Lake plus surely a teeny crannóg - manmade floating island.

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