By Arachne


Nick Luxmoore – March 1956 - November 2019

For four years Nick and I were colleagues working with refugees. He was a great ally: wise, fair, fun, capable of being thoughtfully serious, or mischievously light-hearted, or coherently indignant, depending on what the moment or the day needed. He was a huge support when things became difficult for me at work and even without words I always knew that he understood and had my back.

He was immensely kind when my daughter was struggling through adolescence and young adulthood and it was, indirectly, his support that set her on the path to following his profession.

Last year Nick's younger daughter died in a vehicle accident. There is nothing worse than losing a child but even then he supported others with their grief and confusion. 

His funeral today was the most honest I have ever been to. His praises were sung and his faults were listed and laughed at. Even, in a church, his irreverent books were named (scroll down here - he always used straightforward language). I was able to say farewell to a real person, not a hagiography. But he really was the best.

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