What If

My eyes were dilated from the exam and I was dozing in the front seat of the car while Mr S ran an errand in the rain. It looks like a blizzard, but it’s just rain again. I was struck by how vague everything looked through half-lidded eyes, shapes materializing from the gloom, a bit threatening. What if this is what I saw all the time?

Last week I’d had some sort of strange and frightening visual event—parts of things disappeared, and there were shards of color at the periphery. And then after about an hour it went away. Turns out to be an ocular migraine, common enough apparently, especially among folks who suffered migraines earlier in life. These new things aren’t accompanied by an actual headache, and they aren’t located in your eye at all! It’s something that happens in your occipital brain lobe, data processing gone amok. It happens. It goes away. 

I added another version in Extra. 

And thanks to a fan, I’ve been able to include this in my Festive series by expanding the definition from Green and Red to include Green and Gold.

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