... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Philippine Phlapper

More refined in large.
Philippine duck posing
Philippine duck shaking dry
Emperor geese sharing a stick

I always think that Philippine ducks look like the deluxe version of a mallard: they strike a similar impression somehow, but just have richer colours, brighter iridescence, and a slighter sleeker shape... They're not much more like mallards than any of the other closely related ducks, but I'm always left with that "luxury edition" impression for some reason. Mallard SE?
The Philippine ducks are new additions to the collection at WWT London, and today I noticed that they've also introduced a pair of adorable maned ducks (AKA Australian wood ducks). I'll blip them next time.
I really went to see the Emperor geese (obv.) so have uploaded two of them sharing a nibbling stick as an extra also.

Today's others are here (or right from Tundra geese approaching!)

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