Off shopping

Well I think my girls have been shopping in all the big shops !!!!!!!!!!
They have been arriving with pollen every 5 minutes today 
as you can see there are going in on the left and all the legs sticking out on the right.
and you can tell they all don't go to the same shop what you see here is bright orange,
but others are coming back with bright lime green, 
anyways my girls have been busy till around 3pm when they just come home and shut the doors, and start buzzing to keep the hive nice and warm. see extra of my clematis that although it has all the leaves brown a crispy ................................. a new bud for a new flower this clematis flowers in the middle of summer............................ so what is going on.
anyways my girls are stocking up for winter, you have to feed them sugar syrup to make enough nectar for them to survive the winter.
so far they have consumed 7.05 kilograms of cane sugar.
this is part of the work beekeepers do to make colonies survive and thrive.
I would like to mention that although when you buy from a beekeeper it may seem expensive around £5.00   per 1lb jar . the costs to keep the bees healthy mite free plus all the other virus that they can get.
clean hives, and all the equipment for drawing honey the cost of getting pure honey local to you helping those in the area with their Hay Fever .......... Plus all the fruit trees that need pollination and the veg flowers the bees apis mellifera have a great responsibility I never knew they did so much.
my hive say's Happy.. Jacqueline.. and.. bees.. and that's the way I want it to stay..
I am getting over flu.................I had the flu vaccine and I do think my flu was slight although I am not infectious anymore I am left with no voice and a dry cough that they say can last 3 weeks.  :-((((    but I am on the mend eh!

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