Not my first rodeo

And probably not my last. 

Living in the north means you have to fly in at least two hops from the UK to home. And so often there are delays somewhere, or changes, or something that disrupts the trip. On the way to England we were bumped and re-routed, on the way home the first leg was delayed and we missed the connecting flight. Thankfully, there is room on the very busy 6 o'clockish flight north so we will be a mere 3 hours at Arlanda.

Off to get something to eat at SAS's expense. We woke at 6.15, walked to Waterloo and got on the ultra-busy tube to Green Park.  It's a flat walk to the next tube and there are lifts which is a boon to the travellers with many books in their suitcases. We got to Heathrow about 90 minutes after leaving Caroline's house, which is pretty good int he rush hour. However, it is going to be a long day, so I'm blipping now to be sure it gets posted. It will be good to get home. I have sharpened my pencil for the application for compensation that we will be making tomorrow. Our trip is expensive for SAS, perhaps they might learn something about tight timing if we keep on being compensated!

These are first world frustrations of course, and there are far greater problems to address. The fact that violence against women is on the increase everywhere we look - what is that about really? The threat of another 5 years with the madness of Tory austerity and waste. Global heating. The horrors of climate-related refugees being kept out of more prosperous countries. The madness of King George President number 45. etc etc 

Off to get myself a vegan burger and chips! 

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