It’s beginning to look at lot like

Walked the estate solo tonight.

Himself had walked from one place to another three times today and didn’t feel inclined to venture out any more; especially as the rain is horizontal.

Never mind - I had sat with six six page spreadsheets today merging fields, linking cells and updating links. All damn day.

I took my boss to The station and I was stunned realise it was 1640... I hadn’t stopped all day.

I puddled about a little more and then came home. It was a toss up between sleeping in Him’s lap and walking. I felt if I slept I might not tonight.

So off I toddled and took in the rapidly expanding Christmas sights.

The tree of ultimate happiness is back looking lush.... but this one next door but one is almost brighter. This is only one side .. how can there be so many bulbs!

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