Getting ready!

Marlane making meatballs today and rendering chicken carcasses for the Christmas soup.
The meatballs (Chicken, Sausagemeat, garlic and onion) are for the soup, in these seven boxes there are 42 with another 30 already in the freezer = 72. Should just about be enough but we have one load of family a couple of evenings before Christmas and another load, and friends, on Christmas Eve. This happens every year, exhausting but it's always good fun.
The carcases are in the pressure cooker, we did 4 or 5 a while ago and the stock is in the freezer, cooking another 3 this evening should see us with enough to cater for the two nights, and some also for our Christmas Day starter.
It's always delicious being an old family recipe handed down from my Father in Law's Dutch side of the family.  Everyone just loves it and there is never any left at the end of the evening.

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