By TheOttawacker

On strike

As much as it inconveniences us, the teacher's strike in Ontario is highly justified and eminently supportable.

What is the point of increasing class sizes, reducing teachers and cutting support staff just to save a couple of million dollars? 

First, you never cut education funds, they are sacrosanct. Second, what you save now, you will pay out later with disenfranchised and disenchanted kids. Third, education is THE most important thing in any country. If you have good education, downstream you have less crime, less use of hospitals, greater innovation and better living conditions for a whole country. All of this has been proven.

Parents have their role - but quite frankly, this is what people pay taxes for. And if you cut the future of the province to save 0.009% of the provincial debt, then (a) you are a bell end, and (b) you are most certainly not doing it in my name.

Ottawacker Jr worked on his French and his reading. Mrs Ottawacker struggled from her sickbed to do it.

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