By Ridgeback13


Lovely day with the little ones. Started the day well with choice of selection box cereals (Always remember those little boxes being such a treat when I was young and we were never allowed them except occasionally on holiday!) then we did some drawing. AR lay on a piece of lining paper and we drew round her then coloured the outline in .....she was as pleased with that as her Auntie A had been as a child. Once we were all ready we set off down to the Christmas market and we enjoyed the carousel, little train and hot chocolates before I brought them back up the road. We caught the bus and AR gave the passengers a good rendition or two of the wheels on the bus as we came up the bridges!
Big lunch of beans and egg on toast then Mx had a nap whilst AR and I watched some TV/rested and then did lots more drawing/colouring and story telling (extra is the story of a monster and a fairy angel and their houses and tea in the garden!).
Off to the zoo once H&Mt back from shopping and we loved the dinosaur lanterns....really good display of lots of them and some like this were huge! we toasted marshmallows and spent ages exploring - fantastic evening.
Home and they went to bed after cheesy noo-noos and we got a take away of Malaysian food and ate whilst we watched a film about the Panama papers with Meryl Streep.
Lovely day

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