Prisoner 24601

By Alfin

And So It Begins ....

During the summer we cleaned out from our house quite a bit of junk. We decided at the time to discard our 12-year old Christmas tree. It was looking tired and old.

So this meant a trip this morning to a well known budget emporium today for a new tree.

The one we wanted and saw on display was not available ; how I hate that tactic by retailers. If the item is not actually for sale then don't have it out on the shop floor to give the impression that it is. So, a disappointing start to the morning.

But we settled on a new look item - wintry silver with a splash of green plus millions and trillions of fake snow stuff that will take decades to eradicate.

All good.

Or so we thought.

Our lighting system was brilliant for the old tree; green cable blended well, but with the new one, not so much.

Another trip back along to said shop for another purchase. 

So all lit up, it's ready for full decoration tomorrow, along with the rest of the living room.

I'm shattered.

Edit: Disappointed with the upload. The image is beautifully sharp on my Mac at 10mb but the Blip is hopelessly out of focus.

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