By Tryfan46

The reindeer and the elf

The long drag south from Glenridding via Ambleside, Windermere and Kendal. Ambleside, where Susan bought some Rohan waterproof trousers she’s been after for a while and some new gaiters.

The Windermere stop was for a visit to Booths for beer, cakes (as presents), newspapers, coffee and scone. Kendal was for fuel.

After that there was nothing else we could find to detain us so had to head south. The weather bade is a wet farewell, keeping us company for many miles.

Today’s blip was taken in Booths and is my contribution to Silly Saturday. Thanks to admirer for hosting. While the elf looks happy enough, the guy with the blow up reindeer looks decidedly hacked off. I wonder what he did wrong to get landed with parading around the store in that get up? Or did he volunteer?

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