star light... bright

on a snowman

this seemed a lighthearted - thing to post after experiencing - a rather disturbing situation - yesterday which left me - having less hope in my - fellow humans than i’ve had - in recent days

suffice it to say - someone committed fraud against me - using one of my credit cards - to make unauthorized purchases - i understand there are - individuals who live in this world - who are in need - i, myself, live on a very fixed income - so i truly can relate - to having to stretch your dollars - living on a budget - and sometimes doing without - but what i don’t get - is taking from others - taking that which isn’t yours - which you have no right to - haven’t asked for - or earned, or worked for

it’s wrong, a violation - and especially at this time of year - when the holidays - speak to hope - forgiveness and renewal - it’s very difficult to have such - a breach of mistrust - happen to oneself

if this individual had but asked - i’d have gladly shared - what little i have - but i wasn’t given an opportunity even - to offer that - protocol required i file a formal complaint - circumstances are such that - i won’t know what actions - will be taken - however i am holding on - to hope because that’s - what this season dictates - hope we can live in - a better place - regardless of the actions of others - that we can rise above - those actions and always - hold fast to hope because - hope will lead to...


happy day.....

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