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Who is Jesus?

I'm on the kids talk at church tomorrow, so I was playing with Lego today! We're in Mark 8v22-33. It's where Jesus heals a blind man in two stages, after the first stage he sees people, but not clearly, then after the second he sees properly. This story seems odd - why two stages? Could Jesus not manage it in one - when of course he could have? Reading on, you realise that Jesus was making a point in what he did. The next passage is where Peter seems to get who Jesus is, then completely misses the point a few verses later. He understands that Jesus is the Messiah (the one that God had promised to send to save His people), but Peter doesn't understand what that means, and when Jesus tries to explain it, he doesn't react well. It was quite a bit later before Peter fully understood the differences between what God meant by Messiah and how people had interpreted that. There's a lot of that misunderstanding in all of us, but there's incredible joy in learning more, in seeing more and more clearly who Jesus is, and in helping others to see - and not just using Lego!

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