By Veronica

Spoilt for choice

Yesterday is backblipped -- have a look and click on the link to the Youtube video, it was a great day.

Today is still a bank holiday weekend, with more to come tomorrow. We went to La Herradura in the late morning, ambled the length of the beach and back, stopped in a bar for a drink while watching a group of hang gliders circling and eventually landing on the beach one by one. So they could have been my blip.

We spent the afternoon at home, on the terrace in my case -- wearing a fleece as it wasn't as warm as it looked. In the early evening we decided to go to the blues bar for a drink; they have a jam session on Sunday evenings. You need to get there early to get a seat, but we got distracted on the way by the sunset ... as did many other people. I started out just admiring it, but in the end I couldn't resist -- we joined the crowd and snapped away with the best of them. I couldn't choose, so here's an album with the half dozen on the shortlist.

When we got to the bar it was standing room only. We might have left after one drink, but the women against whose table we were leaning left us their seats, so we had another. Also, oddly enough, we bumped into a French guy and his Spanish wife whom we'd met as we left the flamenco yesterday -- S had originally met him on a walk a while back and now we seem to keep bumping into him.

We eventually left about eight and wandered home ... day 3 of the weekend and the "medieval" market was still going strong, those stallholders have some stamina!

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