Choir Concert

Life is returning to normal after our time away.  We seem to be getting back to a more reasonable sleep pattern at last!

Definitely a good thing as Gill's choir had their Christmas concert this afternoon in the village church and they were really very good.  They have developed a few small groups within the choir and have guest singers and instrumentalists which gives their programme variety and extra interest.  My blip shows Gill in the run through - I rarely take photos in the performances and only if I can find a vantage point where I won't spoil anyone's view. 

Edit:  I did a set of photographs for their web site when they were first getting going.  They asked me yesterday to get some more up to date images.  These might also work for the church as they are in a funding bid which requires evidence of the community using the building.

Thanks for the visits to my journal recently - all much appreciated.

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