By flying


.....caught before the wind returned.

The flowers are a bright addition to the 'bee and butterfly' garden, love how they sway from side to side in the wind with their long stems and the seed head is divine with it's spiky form.

Monday.....preparing for Christmas. I'll do my big grocery shop tomorrow and will continue with smaller shops leading up to Christmas. I wrapped a couple of presents while hubby mowed the lawns. There'll be no more gardening unless I have a spare moment or two as there's plenty to be done inside. Looking forward to my sister-in-law arriving next week :)

I'm saddened to hear that White Island volcano has erupted. It sits out in the ocean from my home town of Whakatane in the Bay of Plenty, North Island. There were dozens of people on or near the island as it erupted.

Happy Monday everyone :)

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