By jac1954

Lap warmer

Blk Jac seems to found a use for himself as a laptop lap warmer.
Somehow without falling off
He melts across my lap when I am at the laptop. His head and front legs just hang down.
Top back leg hangs down between my legs. And the tail and his left leg hang over the side he is very fluffy and generates a lot of heat.
His face lights up when I approach the laptop time for a snooze he says.
I have been out with the choir singing in a retirement home very swish.
carols and Beatles the ladies and gentlemen where singing along all the way through. Throughly enjoyed having us there and want us back in January. I still have no voice so had to mime,
One day it will return on the nhs web site it said larengitis can last for 3 weeks or more.
Never mind should be good for next year eh!

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