Lovely Ringaringa

This is such a dainty wee flower, but you have to get up really close to see it properly. It'd be about 1cm long.

The tragedy up at White Island/Whakaari is horrendous and the implications will be far reaching and long lasting. The burns and inhalation damage will be awful. The bravery and immediate response of those first responders, both private as well as professional, was astounding, and saved lives.

People are saying that no-one should ever go back on Whakaari, that it's too dangerous. But it was at level 2, which is the level that skiing is allowed on Mt Ruapehu. I do think that there's another danger there, because it's so easily accessible, but it sounds as though the tour operators were taking great care, plus keeping to GNS guidelines. 
I guess there'll be a thorough enquiry about it all now.
We still all drive on the roads though, and the accident level there is bad.

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