Daily Tales

By PamelaJ

Lake reflections.

Today has been bright and sunny, and after a delicious breakfast we had a stroll around the hotel grounds.

Close to the hotel is a contemporary gallery - Process - and studio , which we visited. See extra. It is located in a very rural setting.

The artist who built the gallery and who works here is Nick Veasey. He works with radiographic imaging equipment to create unique and amazing xray images.

We met Nick who showed us around. He took us into his xray "studio", a big concrete structure built to contain the radiation. He explained how he uses industrial xray machines to photograph objects. There is a technology room where a colleague uses three computers and a high resolution scanner.

Nick's xrays are known throughout the world. He had a retrospective exhibition at the world's largest photography museum, Fotografiska Stockholm. The Victoria and Albert Museum in London have added his work to the British National Collection of Photography.

Nick's wife is a ceramicist and she was working on the wheel in her onsite studio , a vast bright space. They are both very welcoming people and we were pleased to meet with a very talented artist and his wife.

The gallery was exhibiting art from a group of young artists.

The purpose built gallery/studios building was built about a year ago and Nick plans an outdoor sculpture space. Once a month he welcomes local school children and works with them.

We would love to own one of his xray images, but the prices are very high. Some of the large and complex images take months to complete. We bought a lovely book with great photographs of his xrays.

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