But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

A Christmas Carol.

Mrs TD wanted to check out the new farm shop at the refurbished Klondike, now known rather boringly as the Mortenhall Garden Centre; but first we had to try their fish and chips for lunch. It was what we would call, “A little bit pricey” but, having said that, it was excellent quality and, as we later realised, they forgot to charge for my coffee – which is always a bonus.
Wandering around afterwards, we stumbled across the three wise reindeer – singing Christmas carols in a rather irreverent style. The lady with the eye-phone posed very nicely for about 10 minutes; I did wonder if she was Lot’s wife (strangely enough, known as Edith), though she did eventually move onto the third reindeer, presumably having dealt with the first one before we appeared on the scene.
We went on to spend rather more of Jnr’s inheritance that was necessary, stocking up with an exotic range of cheeses, and other goodies, that we’ll be too full to eat over Christmas. We’re hoping that Herself will manage consume a little more than she has done for a long time.

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