My Year in Pictures

By jenny

Six minutes

Went up to vote first thing and in conversation with the clerk realised an emergency proxy vote should be possible for James. 

His diary changed at the very end of last week and, without a postal vote, he wouldn't be able to vote. Everything that I read said we were too late for a proxy vote and an emergency proxy vote was only possible for a medical emergency.

Turns out the article I read was wrong and being called away for work is allowed - so long as you get the form in by 5pm on polling day.

Lots of potential hiccups to get round to achieve this (not least of all James not being back in an office until after 4.30pm!) but it was submitted at 4.54pm and I was allowed to vote for him!


And of course Bill had to come up with me for my second visit - even if he was less than unimpressed with the proceedings.

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