By wingpig


I was barely aware of the Innocent Railway cycle path in 1997 so don't know if the "TORIES OUT MAY 1st" graffito was anticipatory/prophetic or celebratory.

We're surely at the point now where everyone in or supporting the Tory party knows exactly what they stand for; can anyone seriously believe they represent anything but selfishness and cruelty, particularly given their last four years' unrestrained lying arseholery? It's difficult from within a bubble in which I don't think I personally know any actual right-wing voters to see what the other side is seeing. Having delivered bagsful of Suns and Daily Mails and Telegraphs and Timeses during the 1992 election campaign in an horrifically Tory/Kipper constituency (which once even elected Kilroy as an MEP) it's quite possible that someone in another sort of bubble is reading stories in their newspapers about how plucky Boris thwarted an evil leftie scheme to prevent the will of the people and so on, but I reckon they must all just accept that they're voting for inhumane lying sacks of shit but that coming across as an inhumane lying sack of shit is worth it if it keeps you in power and keeps proles and foreigners from meddling in your lucrative business or impinging upon your wealth.

I hope they lose, but would settle for any sort of temporary thwarting. I hope tomorrow's news is full of pictures of young people in normal young people clothing celebrating; if I wake to pictures of young people with combed hair wearing suits and ties celebrating I'll know that something horrible has happened again.

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