Robin at large

By Robin

Kings Cross Tree

Raining slightly when I headed out this morning, However as I do not have far to go that does not concern me too much. Most of the day is to be spent on trains of one sort or another.

My train from Kings Cross to Aberdeen was one of the new Azuma rolling stock. Unfortunately the seats are not an improvement, and in my opinion are no better than the old trains. It may be capable of faster speed than the old Intercity 125 it replaces, but it can go no faster than the timetable allows, nor faster than the train ahead. By the time we arrived in Aberdeen we were 45 minutes late for a variety of reasons. The reasons were at least three, including a warning light on the driver's console.

Weather in Aberdeen on arrival was similar to that this morning. Though we had some quite heavy rain over the course of the evening, which may have been a disincentive for those planning to go out to vote in the election.

The ceiling lighting at Kings Cross changes colour. Maybe the colour of the ceiling when I took this picture was not ideal to set against the colour of the Christmas tree decorations.

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