Bad night. I was shocked at the exit polls and stayed up to see the first count results to check if it was really true, then woke a few times in the night to listen to more. So it wasn't a good start to the day. I've ignored news and twitter pretty much all day as I couldn't face hearing his nibs sounding triumphant.
Spent most of the day in meetings and interviews - one was pretty uplifting but the rest less so. 
Afterwards I headed over to the graduate glass sale and managed to get some gorgeous tumblers and the blue plate we saw on Monday but didn't end up commissioning (we choose the green piece).
So even though it wasn't really a day for smiling for most people, this little sausage had her 4th birthday and was pretty happy about it....she's spent the afternoon helping her Dad make a 'Rainbow Dash' my little pony cake (extra)!

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