By EgyptUnveiled

The end of another day...

The 2 month portrait plan, has lost it's momentum already!

There is always so much going on in my life, in the streets and indeed Luxor. To focus on one person everyday, seems so difficult and unfair, I don't mean that in a negative or derogatory way, indeed quite the opposite!

Everyone I meet, everything I see, hear, feel, touch and smell is important to me in Luxor...There's an energy here, that cannot be felt, found or experienced any place else in the World....'Sure' as we say here...

I see, feel, hear and experience things, every minute of every hour of everyday. My problem is to try and share just 5 minutes of my day with a photo and a few words.....A Blip!

I was going to chose a bread making photo, but instead, I have chosen 2 guardians leaving their post (At the Temple of Ramses II) as they head home.

5pm, signals the change of shift across the Theban Necropolis, the West Bank, as day becomes night.....

A couple more..

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