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By lozarithm

Melksham (Saturday 14th December 2019)

By the time I came out of Waitrose it was almost dark, so this is something of an emergency blip. It would have been a different story if I hadn't spent half an hour at home looking for my car keys. Being a senior citizen sucks. All the birds had gone to bed, but I could hear some mallards quacking. You'll have to imagine.

14.12.2019 (1826 hr)

Blip #3110 (#2860 + 250 archived blips taken 27.8.1960-18.3.2010)
Consecutive Blip #004
Blips/Extras In 2019 #287 + #093/100 Extras
Day #3551 (791 gaps from 26.3.2010)
LOTD #2239 (#2080 + 159 in archived blips)

Melksham series
Landscape series
River series
River Avon (Bristol) series

Taken with Pentax K-1 Mark II with Irix IL-11FF-PK 11mm F4 Firefly manual prime full-frame lens

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Van Morrison - And the Healing Has Begun (recorded Spring 1979, Record Plant, Sausalito CA)
Van Morrison (vocal, guitar), John Allair (org), Mark Jordan (piano), Herbie Armstrong (guitar), David Hayes (bass), Toni Marcus (vln, vla), Peter Van Hooke (dr)
Although we only have our prime minister's word for it.

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