The already flower-like succulent is flowering!

I noticed this as I was climbing the steps to the lawn. I think the plant is called Echeveria runyonii, having googled it. It's a rose succulent, which produces these small but beautiful flowers. I think ours grew from cuttings we took from Gran's garden at the old house, and which Nicky stuck in a pot (though I can't be sure!)  
This afternoon I went to visit Gran, and found her dozing. As a result of having been woken from her slumbers in front of the TV, she seemed rather more hazy than usual - or maybe it's just the advance of her condition, as she was having trouble remembering everyone's names. I stayed half an hour and then had somewhere else to be, and she didn't seem to mind that I was going. In fact, I was unsure as to whether she had remembered the last time I visited her.
I had a trip out to the countryside to look at a splendid property with someone. Gosh, it was lovely! "Dream home" is probably the phrase a real estate agent would use to describe this large, airy house with open fireplaces and views over rolling countryside towards both bay and mountains. A meadow, numerous fruit trees, swimming pool and room for a tennis court; a pine shelter-belt, and a stand of eucalyptus/blue gum trees; chicken run, veggie garden, outbuildings. Wow! A lot of work, though. My garden is in a shocking state!
Friday 13th…. the day on which we heard the ghastly news of the election results from the UK. No comment (she screamed).

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