Cosy Old Cardigan

By Stacebob


I'm experiencing a bit of post-fun regret today. Not from the booze (more on that later) or the food, but for going to bed at 3:30am..! To be fair, I was weirdly not that tired at the time; I think I look pretty good in this 3:25am bathroom selfie, but I knew I needed to get a decent amount of sleep lest I be a total state on Monday at work... Twas a lovely night/morning though; each year I sort of challenge myself to the 12 Drinks of Christmas, and I never manage to do it due to the sheer amount of food we eat making me too full for booze. I managed my personal best this year though; 10 whole drinks from 12pm to 3:30am! 

Kie and Phil left around lunchtime to go to their respective beds for naps, and I've spent the day basically being a zombie on the sofa. I did pop out for a bit of Pokémon Go as it was a Community Day, and the fresh air did me pretty good. I managed to get some shinies too! I'm feeling a bit down this evening though; not sure if it's tiredness, the election result, being a bit stressed at work of late, post-fun times with mates blues, or some combo of the above, but I'm hoping it passes quickly.

Blip informs me that today is my 2,190th entry, which is equivalent to 6 years worth of Blips! I've actually been Blipping for a bit longer than that, but there was a year in which I barely posted. Still, 2,190 Blips is pretty impressive! I really like doing it because looking back on the posts occasionally is really fun, as well as seeing everyone else's lovely photos.

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