Watt's Up?

By lindee

Snow Flurries

We got more snow today that covered the trees and bushes making them look sugar-coated. Pretty. This mourning dove landed nearby and looked not very impressed with the snow. I can't blame it. I felt the same way. 

This is our last weekend at our townhouse north of Toronto as our home has been sold by the owners who are retiring. That means we are on the move and we are taking up a condo apartment in Mississauga west of Toronto. It's on the 20th floor so the view will be quite different than looking out the living room's patio doors as we have been for the past 15 years. Squirrels, birds, and so forth have been a pleasant experience. The new view won't have squirrels out the window but will have other sights to see. Maybe hawks or gulls floating by. It will be sad to leave but I have left some food for the critters with my neighbour to help the wee beasties through the winter. On the other hand, we are excited for a new start and no stairs making it easier on our old knees. Posting will pause for a few days during the transition but I'll return shortly, likely by next weekend, if all goes well. See you soon. 

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