By WharfedaleBex


When it progresses from water seepage into your socks to mud coagulating around your toes, you know it's time to buy a new pair of boots.  My first walk of the day had the last wear of my old boots, my second I was able to don my new ones.  Not only were my feet dry but two years, of probably 2000 miles, has meant they've collapsed somewhat so I felt like I was floating.  Admittedly, they could be barely called walks today because I was squeezing in Pilates and a cycle ride too.

I feel there may be points coming my way for this tree (tell me you don't own this one!)  But I suffered a puncture in the search for something new.  Much of the hedgerow has been trimmed on the Amscliff roads and I paid for it in Otley.  At first it felt like I was on a fairground bike with wheels that weren't quite circular.  Then I realised I was cycling on my wheels with a tyre that was wasn't quite inflated - flat, you may say!

Not letting myself feel the same way (despite my first thoughts turning to a taxi), I cracked on with changing the tube inside my thick winter tyres - which can be a bit of an epic.  But, 22 minutes later, I was on my way and that included a good old natter with a guy on a mobility scooter who said he didn't have a clue how to pump up his own tyres let alone help me with mine!

Good old Hopey and his tricks of the trade from his maintenance course is the man I have to thank! I won't win any prizes for speed but at least I have the confidence to sort it out on my own.

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