Meanwhile, at the coast..

By meancoast

"The Young Ones......

.......honey we're the young ones", in the process of moving out from what passed for upmarket student accommodation in Sandyford, Newcastle, 1970 style! 
Some of us moved to nearby Bolingbroke St and some of us moved to Tynemouth, I was in the coastal contingent. 
The street sign was later saved from a pile of builders rubble when the street was demolished and is now on my backyard wall (a bit more history again covered by ivy ;-) ) 
The rusty Doormobile featured was communally bought for a tenner with 6 months MOT (probably fraudulent because it had no chance at all of passing another one!) and took us to out-of-the-way places we couldn't afford to go to by bus or train......we used to put a 2 seater sofa in the back if we needed extra seating on long journeys. 
Happy days!

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