Tappy Tap Tap !!!!!!

Toe toe Heel toe.
Brush---- Drag
brush ----drag.
and stomp.
 Now my blippers I had some good advice from another blipper
This lovely lady told me when she is down ~~~~~~~~~~ She puts on her Tap Dance shoes and taps the thoughts away. I said I would get me some shoes that was last year~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~when I first looked online I found new ones were rather dear up to £40.. yikes !!!!
so I looked for second hand none in my size..
and last week as you know going down deeper.~~~~~~~~I said right before you can't lift your legs Let me get some tappers I looked on ebay and almost instantly found my size some were still quite dear I thought?
Then there they were my size and the shape I was looking for, AND they had the Taps on.............some were for sale without Taps and you needed to know what size you need................Anyways   Tah Dah!!!!!!!!
They do make a lot of noise but I will say they have lifted my spirits !!!!!
Scared the cats to death almost even Blk Jac zoomed out the cat flap and I don't think he does much running  lol

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