By Arachne


My daughter suggested we went in search of something cinnamony to go with coffee. It took us quite a while to find but it was, in the end, where we'd expected it to be. In the meantime, dipping in and out of cafés, we chatted about the strangeness of humans and why. I didn't expect us still to be talking when the lights came on but we were.

A friend of mine is publishing a daily online photo/poetry Advent Calendar with a rule that the poem has to be written on the day. Today I was guest poet (rather confusingly, with one I wrote in the small hours this morning (so legitimate) to go with Saturday's backblip). His poem and fabulously Hopperesque photo for today are below mine.
Owen is a fine photographer as well as a fine poet and I very much hope that once Advent is over I can persuade him to join us here. If so, you'll definitely get to hear about it.

Meanwhile, please look at the rest of his Advent Calendar (starts here) which is also a fundraiser for Crisis, the excellent organisation combatting homelessness.

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