By amandoAlentejo

Clothesline Tree

Just got in, almost 1am, from Vendas Novas, where the Amigos, plus Padre Mário, met for a meal and an exchange of gifts, lovely relaxed time together, and a bit of a laugh when two people got Mike, somehow. Good job one of the presents was fine for Cecílio.

The gift of a gorgeous sunny day after all the rain yesterday, and more predicted. I washed all the bedding and towels and everything else, and put our quilt and pillows out to air as well. The olives are on the tree that holds one end of both clotheslines.

- all the washing getting dry, it was cold, but sunny and windy
- collecting some gorgeous cards from our PO Box today, especially one of a glowing, golden tree, from Mike and Zöe
- seeing our star shining in the darkness as we got close to home

And Happy Birthday to my brother, Bryn!

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