After our high jinks yesterday, we were both shattered, so slept very well.  Mr. HCB had obviously got up quite early, but not being an early riser, I came to gradually, but could see through the curtains that it had the makings of a lovely day.  I pulled the curtains back and was treated to this beautiful view of the sunrise - what a start to the day, especially after all the dull and rainy weather we have had recently.

I had lots to get together before I went over to the Radio Station for our live programme, "Girls About Town", so after I had sorted myself out, off I went and we had a great morning.  Our guest this morning was Jo Rigden, who told us about her business, SED Developments, which is a 3D printing design service and we were all amazed at the different things that can be done with a 3D printer.  

Of course, my ears pricked up when she mentioned printing 3D items in chocolate!  Their company makes cookie cutters, cake toppers, icing stencils and anything else that you can think of - but quite honestly, a 3D “chocolate anything” would be right up my street.

Jo was a lovely lady and entered into the fun of being with all of us mad ladies  at "Girls About Town" - and of course, we had to have our obligatory selfie, which I’ve put in as an extra.  Angela, sitting next to me wearing the red antlers, which framed Lori’s face beautifully, was also sporting flashing Christmas lights and holding a castle, which is actually a business card holder, printed on a 3D printer.  Behind her, Clare was wearing a reindeer hat and bells on her jumper.   Lori was dressed in red but neither Jo, our guest, nor Jo, the presenter were wearing anything Christmas themed - and sadly I wasn’t either although I did wonder if I should have picked up some tinsel to wear in my hair!  

There is also an extra of Howard Taylor, who presents the "Swindon Breakfast"  programme and from whom we were taking over in the studio.  Before he left there was a lot of banter, which I think he quite enjoyed and we did tell him he could stay, but I think the prospect of sitting with six ladies was rather too much!

We opened the door of our Advent of Change Advent Calendar before I left and under Door 18 for the Team Verrico charity it says, “Today you have helped cover the taxi fares for a chemotherapy patient, removing the stress and cost of travelling to hospital for treatment.”  It was rather apt for today, 18th December, as it would have been Mr. HCB’s mother’s birthday today and after she had had her surgery for breast cancer, Mr. HCB and other friends often took her to Oxford for her chemo and radiotherapy.  However, we are hopeful that before too much longer, patients will be able to have their cancer treatment in Swindon, which will save them having to go to Oxford. 

I called in to see Mum twice today - she was asleep both times, but looked comfortable, so I didn’t wake her but just sat with her and hope she knew I was there.

“Kindness is universal. 
     Sometimes being kind allows others to see 
          the goodness in humanity through you. 
Always be kinder than necessary.” 
Germany Kent

P.S.  We have ordered a new dishwasher from Dream Doors, the company that renovated our kitchen - it may be here before Christmas, but if not, Mr. HCB will have lovely smooth hands!!

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