I slept badly last night and woke up feeling unwell with a tummy ache and feeling like I had a cold coming.  I decided to cancel everything and have a duvet day.

Off the Head Gardener went to meet his mates, and he was no sooner gone, and me settled down, than our neighbour came in to ask if we could feed the cat as they were going to the Christmas markets in Munich.  No problem!  

Settled down again and the front door bell rang.....a lovely man from the Gas Board wanting access to our gas meter to fit some kind of monitoring device, which was necessary because of some work which had been done in the area recently.  No problem!

Back came the HG, and then T...m arrived to help him with a computer problem...… and then E..c arrived with Christmas greetings and a gift..... they both stayed for quite a while.  The HG coped beautifully, while I settled down again.  

So much for my quiet day..... but nice!   I looked around for a blip as I was not outside the door, and thought the mantlepiece looked nice..... lots of Christmas cards arriving but I had put some family ones up and so there you have it...….

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